As the program grows, there are several times that the emails or chats are sent out and either the members don’t read them, or somehow or another, they don’t receive them. In the last several months, I have tried several different applications and ideas to try to get all the information out to everyone. Bottom line, there is no single solution that doesn’t take hours from an administrative method or hair from my head from the individuals that don’t read the material.

So here we go again. Another try. I’m going to try and write posts and news updates on the website. I’m hoping that our members and followers start looking here first.

Short of the long… Coach Perry now is going to be blogging. Gross, I know, but utilizing technology and the website to keep everyone up to date. I will break everything up into categories and tags. If anyone has questions, I’m going to be strongly pushing everyone to look here first. Search for your question. Find answers to similar questions. etc. etc.

I will say this. I am not a writer! I don’t care about fine picked grammar errors and if you do, feel free to correct them without correcting the message.


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