Character and Player Development

This is what it is all about. Developing our young players into shining stars. SouthJeff FC focuses on the individual. This means that we don’t teach team tactics. We train all our players the same way and no matter who they play with, will fit in very well. We find their strengths and figure out how to compliment them. We find their weaknesses and improve on them. The result is an advanced player that is more attractive to all teams and clubs.

flexibility in mind

We provide 2 to 5 training sessions per week depending on season, age, and facility availability. You train when you want to. Come to one, come to all!


We have players from all over the community that play for a variety of other schools and clubs. Although we do have our own teams, we love to help train players from everywhere. Our philosophy is that the better the teams we play, the better our own play becomes.


Every training session is designed to provide 100’s of repetitions of the skills being worked on, creating the muscle memory of success.


We are all about moving the players in skill and maturity.  We all kids to move up in age divisions as they progress in their abilities.


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For only $40 per month, your child will be guaranteed 2 or 3 training sessions EVERY WEEK all year long! (Sibling discounts available)

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