Welcome to SouthJeff FC!!!

Upstate NY’s newest advanced soccer training club.  A fun and flexible program devoted to developmental skills, tactics, and philosophies of soccer.  Boys and girls, ranging 5 to 19 years old, learn and advance the necessary skills in a fun and enthusiastic environment.

SouthJeff FC focuses on the individual skills, not the team concepts.  We focus on a variety of skills and key techniques to maximize your young player’s development as we prepare them for a competitive soccer environment.


SouthJeff FC trains the individual. We find their strengths and weaknesses and work with both qualities. This approach makes them a well rounded player with unpredictable potential.


SouthJeff FC is not a south Jefferson Central School District organization.  We have players at all ages from all the surrounding schools and clubs.  One of our greatest claims is that we have club members that compete against our very own club teams.  our philosophy: the better the teams we create and play, the better our players become.


Our training methods cater to the scheduling needs of the families involved.  We understand the challenges of transporting and timing of family demands and conflicts.  We make several sessions available every week for all ages.  Come to one, come to ALL!

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