We Take Care of the Homework

STOP losing time at home worrying about your child’s homework.  The Study Hall follows a regimented schedule that gives all the kids plenty of time and help getting it done before you’re done working.

Study and Play Rotations

Think of  it this way…play for 45 minutes, study for 35 minutes.  Play again, study again…  The kids rotate their entire day in this way.  Work done? Check.  Worn out?  Check

Referral Program

We reward you for helping us grow the program.  We offer you FREE sessions for the people you refer to our program.  Ask the SportsPlex staff for details.

Leadership Development

We hire local high school Juniors & Seniors to work as supervisors with your children.  Not only do they learn to lead and organize, they learn the values of work, communication, education, and so much more.

Group Fun Is So Much More Fun

Being at home is nice.  A babysitter can be convenient, but where else will they be able to play dodgeball, kickball, soccer, football, wiffleball, build forts &  mazes, nerf and laser guns.  And the grand favorite…

How to Join

First Register

Click the button on the right and complete the registration for your child.  This allows you to receive all notices and events from the SportsPlex regarding the Study Hall and all programs.


There are no spot held for kids. This drop-in program relies on your RSVP in order to plan how many Supervisors we schedule. To keep the ratio at 10:1, please RSVP every week for your days. A weekly reminder is sent out to you every Saturday.

RSVP’s are done

in the TeamSnap

app after you register